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Getting a Tech job in world today is quite difficult, given the number of applicants for a particular job in big tech companies, sources have it that on average, an open role at a well known company gets ~250 resumes. Henceforth to help you get hired by Big Tech companies, here is a blog to plan your road map ahead!

So in order to land with a 6 figure job in tech here are few steps you can follow to get the job.

How to Get Hired by Big Tech Companies - Faultinmycode

1. Know yourself

The most important thing before you get hired by big tech is to know yourself, know what is your strength and what you are skilled at. Ex: You may be good at coding but great at graphic designing. So better search for a job you are highly skilled at.

2. Hunt for Sharks

Once you get to know what you are good at and have searched for available related job on various job sites, visit Linkedin and search for someone in that company who is at a level higher than one for which vacancy is open. Once found, search for their email address.

3. Set up a meeting

Drop an email to this concerned person who can be a potential influencer from the big tech and help you get a job, But don’t ask for job directly instead try to show interest in his/her job profile. Discuss with them about their recent project they’re working on or have accomplished in the past.

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Get to know more about them and praise their work.

Note these points:

  • Address the person you are emailing by name
  • State who you are and make it personable
  • Include some flattery that positions the person as an “expert”
  • Ask them if you could meet them in person as you would be interested in discussing about some project with similar interest as theirs.

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4. Prepare For Your Meeting

In order to prepare, we have to know what we’re preparing for. The goal of your meeting is to position your influencer as an expert, make them feel special, and build a relationship.

You should not and will not mention anything about the opening at their company. People innately enjoy helping others and if you follow the steps above, they will bring this up naturally.

You will want to prepare a list of questions that gets them to open up about themselves and the company.

Million Dollar Question (Must Ask): “What is the biggest challenge your team is facing right now?”

5. Getting bait ready

Okay, so you met with your influencer, things went great, and you identified a major pain point that the team is having. Now we’re going to focus on that last piece.

Over the next week you are going to research the crap out of your influencer’s problem. Then you are going to come up with a solution and draft up a proposal for how you would solve it. Your proposal should include:

  • A summary of the problem (to illustrate that you understand their pain)
  • A step-by-step framework of how you would solve this problem
  • A brief outline of how your skill set positions you as an asset to implement that solution

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6. Following Up With Your Proposal

Now we’re going to reach back out to our influencer with the proposal.
It’s very important that you do not mention the open position in any of your emails or the proposal. Be patient and wait for their response. If interested, they will come up with a job proposal for you.

Following this way to get a job in Big Tech firms won’t only help you in getting a good job but you will also be able to build good relationship with your colleagues and bosses (in case if you happen to have more than 1 boss) and progress faster ahead in life.