7 Psychological tricks on How to sell a Product online

Getting people to buy your product online is a pure game of trust that gets built over time. For any newbie who wants to set up his market online to increase the sale of its products, however, could be a really big tie daunting task.

However here are 7 simple Psychological tricks that you can use to increase your conversion rates and make your website visitors trust your products.

7 Psychological tricks on How to sell a Product online
Photo-Mix / Pixabay
  1. Use Reviews

  2. Come up with Timely Discounts

  3. Connect website with Social Media

  4. Have Live chat support

  5. Do some authoritative guest blogging

  6. Get more Email Subscribers

  7. Analyze

  1. User Reviews – Having reviews of previous users who’ve used Paid or Trial version of your product can be a great way to influence your visitors and convert them into potential buyers.
  2. Time Discounts – Create a sense of urgency about your product, having a limited discount offer is not only the best way to convince people to buy your product but also a great tactic to increase value of your product too. This tactic is often used by websites like Udemy and Amazon to increase their website sales.
  3. Connect with Social Media – Websites like Facebook and Twitter can help you increase authentication about your product in the mind of people. With more than a billion people on Facebook and 500 million on twitter, it is the best bet that you can make using videos and graphics to grab attention of potential buyers.
  4. Have Live Chat Support – Having a live chat support system built on your website (See Tawk.to) can help visitors clear their doubt about your product and help you increase your sales. THis is the best way that web hosting websites also use to convert visitors into customers.
  5. Authoritative Guest Blogging – Doing some Guest blogging about your product on Authoritative domain like Product hunt is the best way how you can increase and boost up your product sales.
  6. Get more Email Subscribers – Having more Email subscribers is directly related with Sales of your product. Having said that, email subscribers are people who want to remain updated with your content, your product and your company. Timely messaging them about your product will help you build trust and henceforth get more conversions.
  7. Analyze Behaviours – Last but the best thing you should do is to analyze your user behaviour on your website, What they do, What they look for and what they end up buying. It’s important to know unique behaviour our your visitors to help you increase your Sales later.