Top 10 Quick Google+ SEO Optimization Tips for Website Owners

Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Google+ isn’t much of a Social Platform but when it comes to building your brand value and visibility, Doing some homework on Google+ SEO helps Google in discovering your brand and reaching out to your customers on various devices.

Top 10 Quick Google+ SEO Optimization Tips for Website Owners
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Here is a list of Top 9 different ways how you can do some homework on Google+ SEO and build your brand value and visibility:

1. ***OMG!!!*** Headlines

Whether you write your own blog or Social share your blog links, Heading is the most important thing to focus on. An eye catchy headline which is straight to the point and provides a solution to the visitor’s query is the best possible way to drive your user attention towards your website.

Make sure whatever link to your blog you share on Google+, do write the headline of the post as a text for Google+ SEO optimization of your blog and get better Google rankings.

2. Formatting for attention

Writing an eye catchy headline will work, but only if the user is good at reading things that only viewing it. For this to happen you should format your headings in Bold, Italic or strike some words to grab better user attention and get more shares on your blog article.

  • To make Text bold on Google+, do this: *Insert the bold text here*
  • To make Text Italic on Google+, do this: _Insert the bold text here_
  • To make Text Strikethrough on Google+, do this: -Insert the bold text here-
  • To make Text Bold and Italic on Google+, do this: _*Insert the bold text here*_

3. Express yourself better

Sharing a link on Social platforms for most of us is like adding 50 to 60 words catchy headlines and then the link to blog post. But, this isn’t how things work nowadays in the online world. Don’t constrain yourself with just a few words, express your blog in as many words as you want. Not just headline or some excerpt, explain the reason what makes your blog so special and why one must visit it.

Now don’t say please visit, it’s better to leave some sense of mystery in your words that prompt user mind to unlock it by visiting your blog.

4. Use your images

To increase your chances of getting your post shared and liked by many people, including images that are ATTENTION GRABBING and helps convey some important message about your blog.

So for example, if your blog is about Python programming then show some relevant images on programming or python codes.

5. Share Smartly

Sharing too many posts on Google+ is considered as spam also setting your posts as the public may not give you complete exposure.

Consider adding people with similar interest to your circles or visiting related communities in which you can easily share links (but limit them to 2 links maximum each day) that would help people gain some knowledge about the topic and help them reshare your blog.

6. I Love #hashtaging Google+ SEO

Hashtagging important keywords in the Google+ post can help not only you to highlight what your article is about and grab user attention but also help Google to increase the rank of your blog by determining niche of your blog and help you optimize your Google+ SEO accordingly.

7. Have Google+ comments on your website

Just like Facebook comment system, have Google+ comment system installed on to your website. Unlike Facebook, Google+ shares the link and the comment left by visitors on your website to their Google+ Profile.

A Good way to boost your Google+ SEO optimization.

8. +Post Ads

Just like Facebook Ads, Google+ +Posts Ads is a great way to promote your posts. This can help in reaching the right quality of the audience. If you have more than 1,000 followers on Google+, you can convert your post into +Post ads and reach the wide audience.

This will not only help you in getting good quality traffic but also increase your brand visibility and value as well.

9. Call to Action posts

There is few Call to Action techniques that you can embed in your post, they are:

  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Watch a video
  • Add a product to cart
  • Open an app
  • …and few more.

10. Share links on Community

Google+ Community is similar to Facebook Groups where you can find people with related interest. Sharing your Blog link on such groups can help drive write quality of traffic to your blog. This will boost your brand value and help increase your conversion rates.

Each Year Facebook makes some changes in its algorithm to make its news feed more and more engaging for its audience and increase its page retention ratio. With that being the main motive of the company, brands suffer and struggle quite a lot to increase their reach.

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So now will you do some Google+ SEO Homework and increase your brand visibility and value? Let us know in the comments below.